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The numbers of children coming into care continues to rise.

This requires more local people and families in Hull to consider fostering.

This allows children and young people the chance to remain in the city they know, can keep in vital contact with their friends, siblings and parents and possibly remain at the same school.

We never want to see siblings separated, but sometimes the few carers available simply do not have the space to take in more than one child. 

Sadly means siblings are split up or we have had to ask another fostering agency to find homes for the children.

This could potentially mean splitting them up and could be anywhere in the country.

We know our children want to stay as close to their home as possible, therefore we promote on their behalf the idea of fostering children in Hull.

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Hull Fostering team at their event

We hold events all over the city, through the year and run multiple adverts on social media, radio stations and in newspapers.

We know Hull, we live in Hull ourselves.

We are a close community and know word of mouth is the most influential way of promoting fostering.

If you are interested in fostering, would like to be an ambassador, or think you can help promote Hull Fostering among your circle of friends or work colleagues, please contact us.

You can telephone 01482 612 800 or email fostering@hullcc.gov.uk

Our children in care deserve to be listened to, they didn’t ask to be fostered, let's help them stay together as sibling groups and keep their heritage, by staying local.

If you are interested in supporting the national Fostering Network annual Foster Care Fortnight campaign, it has been taking place for almost 20 years and usually runs for two weeks in May each year. Please get in touch and be part of the planning committee.

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Further information on our latest events and news can be found on our Hull Fostering blog

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